Florida Shark Fishing Experience

Shark fishing in Cocoa Beach, Florida is unlike anything else on the planet, which is why so many people come back season after season. Unlike traditional deep sea fishing where you go out to the deep water. Shark fishing takes place closer in, inside the shoal. Shark fishing is good year round and good any time of day. We offer shark trips 3 times daily 7am to 11am, 12pm to 4pm & 5pm to 9pm nightly.

Shark Fishing Private Charters

Shark fishing trips are private charters, which means that it will be only your group with the captain. Since we are a private charter boat and we are able to fish in shallower water than larger boats, we are able to catch bigger sharks.  Yes, the bigger sharks are in about 6 to 10 foot of water a stone’s throw from the beach. This is the best chance of catching a big shark. On average, we catch 4 nice sharks per trip. You can catch a variety of sharks including black tip, black nose, spinner, thresher, lemon, hammerhead, bonnethead, and nurse to name a few, and even catch big rays. Certain times of year we might also get a chance at tarpon or red drum.

Cocoa Beach Shark Fishing Reports

People often ask us what shark fishing is like and what they can expect.  We publish honest fishing reports to social media for every trip we run.  You can check these out on facebook. We also copy these reports to our website each month so that you can look at the month you are planning your trip. This will give you an idea of what kind of sharks and how many we typically catch.

Shark Fishing Charter Location

Our shark trips leave out of Port Canaveral / Cape Canaveral which is just north of Cocoa Beach. We are driving distance from Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Melbourne.

Shark Fishing Regulations

Our captains always follow the current FWC Shark Fishing Regulations.

Types of Sharks

We catch a wide variety of sharks on any given day or night.  Some of the more common sharks we catch include:

Black Tip – Arguably the most powerful shark pound for pound cable of taking a lot of line very quick

Black Nose – Known to come through in schools allowing for multiple hook ups at a time. Sporadic fighter and can be a handful when brought boat-side.

Fine Tooth – Tricky shark that can be very difficult to hook. They often jump letting you know they are in the area but never jump once hooked.

Spinner – One of the most difficult sharks to keep on the line. Once hooked they usually make 1 to 3 jumps while spinning their entire body.

Sharp Nose – The little trip saving shark. Not much for power or size but seem to be willing to bite when other shark species wont.

Lemon – A power house capable of long straight runs that result in exhausting anglers and testing them to their limits.

Bonnet Head – Fun little shark that often gets mistaken for a baby hammerhead.

Sand Tiger – Most ferocious looking of all the sharks known for long battles that circle the boat while trying to get them into view.

Hammer Head – True power that never seems to get exhausted and is the ultimate test for any shark angler.

Shark fishing trips are $500 and last 4 hours.