Sea Leveler in the Multiverse – Infiniverse

As a society, we are embarking on another transition of technology! Much like how the internet revolutionized how we market businesses, the transition to a new platform, a virtual platform, will once again change how we market and conduct business. Sea Leveler has created the first ever fishing charter 3D website in virtual reality! We are using a platform called Multiverse – Infiniverse.  This technology is in it’s infancy, but we want to be ready when it becomes widely adopted. If you would like to join us, give us a shout and we can tell you how to access this 3D world and perhaps even build your own 3D website!  Check out the video below where Capt Greg shows our store!

Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset

In the next several years, there will be many virtual reality headsets created.  We have chosen to use the Meta Quest 2 headset (previously sold as Oculus Quest 2), but we will be looking at each one as they come out.  The hardware is in the beginning stages, but we can expect it to improve very quickly over the next few years.  It is much like how the brick phone was the first cell phone compared to what we have now.

Multiverse – Making the Metaverse

Multiverse is a platform that you can download to your Meta Quest 2 headset.  Once downloaded, you can explore all that Multiverse has to offer.  They are currently in pre-beta, which means they have a lot of development left to do.  What they have now is sort of a proof-of-concept to what it has the potential to become. We have chosen this platform to create our 3D website, but we are looking into other platforms as well.

Meta Marina

Meta Marina is a collection of marine related businesses that have made the early jump into virtual reality. Meta Marina and Sea Leveler are located inside the Infiniverse at the marina.  The marina is a district that the developers created that has water, beaches, docks and boats. They have plans to make it even bigger and better!

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