Florida Tuna Fishing Charter Experience

Florida tuna fishing charters out of Port Canaveral takes place way beyond the tranquil waters of Cocoa Beach, out past the fish abundant reefs located 15 to 30 miles offshore Cape Canaveral and even further than the deep sea fishing paradise of the Western edge of the Gulf Stream. In our quest to put you on the finest tuna fishing Florida has to offer, we will push past the blue water trolling paradise of the Gulf Stream and make our way to its Eastern side where yellowfin, blackfin, skippy and many other awesome sport fish await.

Tuna Fishing Charters

We start our search approximately 70 nautical miles East of Cape Canaveral and at times we will go even further. When tuna fishing, we look for many signs that indicate where the tuna are. Temperature, bait, birds, whales and weed lines are all indicators that lead to the possibility of great tuna fishing. Don’t worry we are not going into it blind! We are equipped with top of the line Garmin electronics, which includes a 12KW HD radar, twin chart plotters equipped with 3 transducers that are CHIRP capable. We are also linked in through Sirius Satellite Weather to get real time temperature charts and weather warnings. These are must have tools to the modern tuna captain. We also keep safety a top priority by having a commercial grade EPIRB and a Garmin In-Reach to have land base contact at all times. We also have all the other USCG required safety equipment.

Once we locate the schools of tuna, the preferred method is to deploy a 5 rod trolling spread and set a course to intercept the tuna. This can result in having 5 fish hooked up on one pass.

This is when the real fun starts. You, your family and friends team up to test your muscle and skill by working together to fight some of the hardest pulling fish in the Atlantic. The drag screaming, heart pounding thrill of fighting multiple tuna at once is something you must check off your bucket list. In addition to species such as yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, skipjack tuna and the occasional bigeye tuna we catch big mahi (dolphin fish) , white marlin, blue marlin and wahoo on a regular basis.

Tuna Fishing with Sea Leveler

Florida tuna fishing charters with Sea Leveler is the most elite fishing experience to be had when you visit Cocoa Beach, Daytona, Orlando, Cape Canaveral or anywhere along the Space Coast. This trip is for those anglers and adventure seekers that love the thrill of big game sport fishing and seek out a deep sea fishing charter capable of doing it the right way.

Tuna Fishing Charter Location

Our tuna trips leave out of Port Canaveral / Cape Canaveral which is just north of Cocoa Beach. This is a quick drive from the Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Melbourne areas.

Tuna Fishing Regulations

Our captains always follow the NOAA fisheries regulations for Atlantic Highly Migratory Species when tuna fishing.

Types of Tuna

We catch a wide variety of tuna on any given tuna fishing charter, including the following species.


Yellowfin Tuna – Powerful tuna with elongated fins that are capable of long runs and making them near impossible to land once the fish sees the boat.

Blackfin Tuna– Very aggressive tuna with a initial burst of energy that make them a fan favorite on every trip.

Skipjack Tuna– Very plentiful and very underrated. This little tuna is a powerhouse for its size and will cook up to make the best tuna salad ever.

Bigeye Tuna– Somewhat rare to be caught out of Port Canaveral but a absolute great fighting fish that makes it a prize catch.

Otherside Tuna Trips are $5600