Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring? We suggest that customers bring drinks, lunch, snacks, sunscreen, hats, beach towels, sunglasses and zip lock bags if you want to take fillets back with you.

What is provided? Everything you need for saltwater fishing. Rod, reels, bait, tackle, ice, and fishing license. Fish cleaning and great service with a great attitude.

We are coming to the Orlando area, is Port Canaveral too far to drive? Not at all, we are centrally located on Florida's east coast. We are the closest choice for deep sea fishing near Orlando. Depending on where in Orlando you are staying, the drive is around 45 min to 1 hour.

We are located close to Cape Canaveral, Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach, Cocoa, Merritt Island, Sebastian, Titusville, Daytona, Melbourne, Orlando, Kissimmee, and the Disney/Universal Studios area.

Do you always catch fish? On every trip full day or half day, we usually catch a good number of nice fish. We don't get skunked very often, but it does happen... that is why it is called fishing and not catching. Our captains usually fish every day (weather permitting), so we usually have a good idea at where the best possible place to catch fish is. Since we have 4 full-time captains, we are always talking to each other about where fishing is happening that day. When you contact us about a fishing trip, we will honestly tell you what the fishing has been like and what you can expect to catch. Please feel free to go thru our past daily catch reports on our reports page and see what we have caught over the past couple of years. We post our daily catch whether good or bad. We are very proud of how good we are at finding and catching fish. We feel that we provide our customers with the best possible chance at a great fishing trip.

What and why should I tip the captain / mate? The crew work for a daily wage and tips just like waiters and waitresses. Tips are discretionary; however, it is customary to tip the crew 15-20% for good service.

Does a half-day trip provide enough time to catch fish? The answer is yes. Since we fish everyday ocean conditions allow us to go, we know right where the fish are. We typically go where we were catching fish the previous day. Most of the time this works out great, however, every now and then conditions do change over night. When conditions change, we can usually make a quick move or two and be right back on the fish. Every once in a while, we can run into problems on half days when the best fishing is very far out. When this happens, the ride eats up a lot of time. Then if the fish don't cooperate on the first few areas, we quickly find ourselves under a time crunch. Most of the time, however, our captains are very good at predicting where to catch the fish and can lead customers to fish on half day charters.

Why should we choose Sea Leveler Sport Fishing Charters? The main reason we feel you should give us a chance is that we LOVE to fish. The second reason is that fishing is what we do full time. We don't have side jobs and we didn't wait until we retired to make fishing our career. The only way to make deep sea fishing your full time job is to have the capability to fish everyday the ocean conditions are safe. Since we are not booked with charters 365 days a year, we supplement our income by rod and reel commercial fishing. This pretty much gives our customers a guarantee that we know where and what the best bite is on any given day. Very few of our competitors can make this claim.

Thirdly, we understand that it is very important to be customer friendly. We love to see people enjoy their fishing trips with us and we are great with kids and people that have never fished before. We give instruction and encouragement while out on the water. This is why we have so many repeat customers and great reviews. You can see our reviews on our reviews page. In many cases, our customers become our friends and call or e-mail us on a regular basis to talk about fishing as well as to set up future trips.

Fourth, we feel we are the best. This is a bold statement but we truly feel nobody provides a better charter fishing experience. We look forward to the opportunity to prove this statement.

We have young kids, is deep sea fishing something they can do? What trip would be best? We absolutely love taking families with kids fishing. Nothing is quite as exciting or fulfilling for a captain than to help a young kid catch their first trophy and provide a lifetime of love for the ocean.

When bringing younger children we want to be able to give them the best chance of having an enjoyable day. We make sure the marine forecast is calling for mild to calm seas. If the seas are too rough, you can opt for one of our port trips. Unfortunately, motion sickness can happen with deep sea fishing and it is not very fun for parents to watch their little ones feel so miserable. In our experience, many kids actually deal with motion sickness better than adults do.

You also want to be flexible on what to fish for when bringing kids. If fishing for the big trophy fish is slow we opt to set the kids up with smaller rigs so they can drop down and get instant action from sea bass, snapper, trigger fish, grunts, etc.

Most parents think a full day trip is to long for their kids. In all actuality, the parents always wear out before the kids. It's just like a day at the theme parks, the kids get tired and fall asleep and the parents get a break.

Prepare a lot of snack foods and drinks for the kids. Nintendo DS, books, and small toys are great for the ride out and back in. Our shark fishing trips are also a great option for kids because the distance to travel to the fishing grounds is very short.

Why are the shark fishing trips only $400/$500 compared to the Full and Half Day rate? Our shark fishing rates are less because the fishing grounds are much closer than with a typical half or full day fishing trip. We offer shark fishing trips year round, but the best time is late March thru early September. This is when we get a good variety of sharks close to the shoals and beaches off Cape Canaveral / Cocoa Beach. We mostly catch sharks and bottom rays on shark trips but on occasion, we do get tarpon, red fish, or king mackerel. We regularly catch sharks along with a wide variety of other sport fish on our day trips as well.

Do you go out to the Gulf Stream? Yes, we will go to the Gulf Stream when it is the right time of year. We usually go there when we are in pursuit of dolphin, wahoo, and sail fish from March thru July. Usually, there is no reason to go to the stream because the warm waters offshore of Cape Canaveral provide a stunning amount of action. Gulf Stream fishing is more important further north or if you fish Florida's West Coast. Basically, we go to the stream when the fishing requires it, or if our customers want to target a specific species that is more prominent in the Gulf Stream, but most of the time the best fishing is not at the stream.

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