Capt Greg

Captain Greg

Greg is a super motivated captain who loves to see families, friends, and especially kids enjoy the excitement of fishing. Greg has the ability to cater to new and experienced anglers. Greg is very good at helping beginners learn the techniques by giving helpful tips and instructions on how to fish. Greg loves interacting with customers and he makes sure to point out things of interest (turtles, dolphins, rays, etc.). He is also good for a corny joke now and then. When Greg is not taking customers out for a great day of fishing, you can find him showing his own family a great day on the water. Greg loves taking his sons Logan and Liam fishing. You can never start the kids fishing to early!

Capt Stan

Captain Stan

Stan’s excitement and enthusiasm for offshore fishing shines thru on every trip. No one gets more excited when someone hooks up or lands a nice fish. Stan’s impeccable work ethic show’s in his relentless pursuit of locating the best bite day after day. You would be hard pressed to find a person that spends more time on the saltwater fishing grounds than Capt Stan Mickle. Stan rarely tournament fishes but on the rare occasion he does enter, he usually places in the top of the leader board. Stan is a “go get ’em” captain who likes to see people enjoy a great fishing trip. The more the customer gets excited the more Stan gets pumped up. Stan loves to fish, even on his free time, so you know he will always be at the top of his game.

Capt Dustin

Captain Dustin

Capt Dustin, also known as Dusty Bottoms, is the most animated of the bunch. He spends so much time on or in the water, he almost has gills. Dustin probably gets more excited than the customer does when a nice fish comes over the rail. He is very friendly, great with people, and super knowledgeable about the techniques of fishing the waters of Canaveral. One of Dustin’s specialties is shark fishing off of Cocoa Beach. He helped a 9-year old boy catch a potential record setting 412 lb lemon shark. He has also been featured in the Nov/Dec issue of The Big Game Fishing Journal 2010 for his shark fishing expertise.

Capt Steve

Captain Steve Knowles

Capt Steve is a fishing machine! When it comes to catching a fish on a rod and reel, this guy is Chuck Norris. Steve is a super friendly, motivated Captain and his passion for fishing will be obvious from the minute you step foot on the boat. Capt Stan and Capt Greg met Steve about 20 years ago when they worked on the OO. At that time,Steve would fish all day with them, and then ride to Sebastian Inlet to fish for snook all night. Steve’s fishing skills are top notch and he is now an unstoppable force when it comes to his quest of putting his customers on great fish day after day. Steve is also a proud and loving father to his daughter, Samantha. We are sure she will learn to fish just as good as her dad!

Capt Joey

Captain Joey

Captain Joey grew up with a passion for fishing like none other. He spent every spare minute he had in the neighborhood ponds and ditches chasing anything that swam. Some 20 years later and not much has changed, he still has the same passion and drive today as he did when he was a kid chasing small freshwater fish. After graduating with a business degree in 2012, Joey realized that he was not ready to sit behind a desk and computer all day. A job where he could drive boats and fish sounded much more exciting than any job in the business world. On his days off you can find him playing sports, hunting, or you guessed it… fishing! Joey’s excitement and passion for the ocean is sure to make your day one you will never forget!

Capt Garren

Captain Garren

Captain Garren grew up in Merritt Island where he spent most of his time on the water or in the water, and he wouldn’t change a thing! Garren’s grandfather Instilled a life-long passion for fishing and the outdoors in his grandson. Garren has been fishing the waters of the Banana River Lagoon and the waters off Cocoa Beach since he could hold a fishing pole and to this day, he still can’t get enough of it! He can honestly say he leaves vacations to come right back to paradise. From the second you hop on board, you will see he loves giving people a local experience they’ll never forget. Recently, shark fishing has become Garren’s favorite type of fishing. He loves the thrill of the unknown when shark fishing. Whether you are catching a 3 ft shark or 300lb shark, the entire night is very exciting and keeps you on your toes.

If you are asking why we have 6 captains: the reason is simple. We have four full time offshore charter boats and fishing is our full time business. We run trips day and night all year long.

  • We love to fish
  • It is in our blood
  • It is what we do

We love to share our passion for saltwater fishing with others and we live for the joy and excitement we bring to our customers face. The ocean is our office and it is an awesome place to work. You never know what amazing thing you see. We always respect the ocean and safety is our top priority. If you give us a chance, we are very confident that you will have a great time fishing and exploring the waters off Cape Canaveral. We look forward to taking you fishing!